Wednesday, 2 November 2011

i buried them deep in my heart

Posted by azira rahman at 20:29

this morning i had my breakfast with my friend, after a week i just spend my day at home, in front of my laptop, with my kitty. so damn bored you know. when i meet them, sincerely i feel very happy. i cam smile and laugh with their jokes, their behavior and even watching their style.

when i with them, even i just ate roti jala, my tummy already full. so different if i ate alone, nop ate with my kitty. actually, i went there because i want to print out my TIKET JUBAH KONVO. but, some problem occurs and i can't print it out. naa never mind. really don't care actually. haha. so that i can go there AGAIN. muahaha. just can't be separated with them.

my PERHILITAN friends, i really-really love you all. thank for all your love.

hot mama -kak yana-

kak yana-pak din-en mail

puan norsiah & kak tikah

macho funny guy

cute loving sisters

flower in PERHILITAN

that's all


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